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For many people, gambling is an exciting way to spend their free time, which allows them to feel the adrenaline and possibly win a good prize. However, not everyone has the opportunity to visit a real casino. That is why online casinos are available, but you will need a casino guide or manual to better navigate the online gambling world.

Types of Online Casinos

“Instant play” online casinos

The casino guide starts with the very first basics. Some online gambling operators offer an “Instant Play” feature, which means that registered members can access their sites and game collections directly through a web browser. In this case, there is no need to install additional software. “Instant Play” online casino offers a significant benefit – players can log into their accounts and access the casino through any device they want, public or private.

But the advantages of such casinos do not end there. Another positive aspect is that you won’t have to waste your device’s memory on software. Instant Play casino games load quickly, not to mention that they are designed to be supported by most operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and Macintosh.

In this way, these casinos have the opportunity to reach a larger audience of players. Some Instant Play casinos are still based on Flash technology, which is why players are recommended to download the latest Adobe Flash Player on their computers. Other casinos have already switched from Flash to HTML5. In any case, players should ensure that their browsers are regularly updated in order for Instant Play games to function properly.

Casino with downloadable software

However, other online casinos rely on downloadable software, which customers must install on their computers for free in order to gain access to the entire casino platform, including the gaming section, payments, special offers, and customer support section. As soon as it is installed, the software will connect to the operator and the player will be able to register an account.

When online casinos first appeared in the mid-1990s, they all operated only with the help of downloadable software, which can be explained by the slow internet speed at the time. They were the prototypes of online casinos and offered a wide range of downloadable games. For this reason, casinos that require software to be downloaded, especially the older ones, still offer a wider variety of games than Instant Play casinos, which appeared later. Some of the older casino games are still not available in Flash, so the wider selection of games is one of the positive aspects of downloadable casino software.

What some players consider a downside is the fact that sometimes the downloadable software takes up a lot of space. Also, the software takes up more and more space as new games appear, mostly on a monthly basis. The operating system your computer is running on also plays an important role, as some downloadable casino software is designed exclusively for Windows. Understandably, this is a disadvantage for Mac and Linux users.

It must be said that more and more online casinos are available in both formats, so players can choose the option that suits them better.

Mobile casinos

Hundreds of casino operators already know how important role mobile devices play in modern life. The advancement of smartphones and other mobile technologies has led to many online casinos offering their most popular games on mobile devices.

Many reliable casino operators offer free apps to download. They mostly support the two most popular mobile operating systems in the world – “iOS” and “Android”. These apps are available either on the AppStore or on the casino website.

Those who do not want to install additional apps on their smartphones, or simply run out of memory, have the option of accessing games in their Internet browsers. These are in-browser apps that offer the same gaming experience as playing in a downloaded app. Players are usually redirected to the mobile version of the casino website, which is specially optimized for mobile devices.

What Makes an Online Casino Reliable?

There are many aspects that players are advised to carefully consider before deciding which online casino to play at. It is better to spend a little more time reviewing casinos and make a well-considered decision about which casino to register, as this will help you avoid difficulties related to payments, rejected payouts, customer support, and bonus conditions. The casino guide or manual emphasizes that the decision should be based on a combination of seven factors, which will be presented in more detail below – if the chosen casino meets all the mentioned criteria, you will definitely be able to enjoy the game using real money.

How to Choose the Best?

Choosing the perfect online casino for your gaming and entertainment desires can be difficult, as there are plenty of options out there. But when you take the time to do your research, you’ll be sure to find an online casino that meets all of your requirements. Be sure to read through reviews from players and industry experts alike, compare a range of gambling services offered by different platforms, and ensure that the customer service team is on hand to provide assistance if needed. Our in-depth online casino reviews take all the guesswork out of choosing – but it’s up to you to decide which one is the best fit for you and your playing style.

Step 1

Do your research.

When selecting an online casino, effective research and evaluation of the casinos gaming software are key. As you compare options amongst multiple casinos, keep an eye out for features like 24/7 customer service support, reliable banking methods and impeccable user experiences offered by the casino's gaming platform. With the right research and evaluation steps, you can be sure to find the perfect online casino for your gaming needs.

Step 2

Research the game developers behind the casino games.

The best online casinos have excellent reputations, offer a vast game selection, provide high-value bonus offers, and use reputable software platforms such as Microgaming, Playtech or Realtime Gaming. Doing your due diligence in researching these factors will ensure that you find the best online casino to meet your needs.

Step 3

Look at the casino's game offer.

When choosing an online casino, it is essential to explore the selection of games offered. Quality online casinos will have a wide range of gaming options, ranging from slots to poker and blackjack.

Step 4

Check the casino’s promo offers.

Additionally, keep an eye out for bonus offers when making your decision--many online casinos provide welcome bonuses, re-deposit bonuses and cashback awards to entice new players and retain members. Taking the time to carefully consider a casino's game selection and promotions can make all the difference in finding one that suits your individual needs.

Step 5

Read the casino’s Terms and Conditions.

It is imperative to read the terms and conditions of any online gambling site before you become a member. This is because these agreements set forth all of the rules, obligations, and expectations associated with the website and its members. For instance, it is important to be aware of the casino’s wagering requirements before committing to a certain promotion or joining an event. Additionally, the terms and conditions can help to provide you with details about restrictions on withdrawal limits or any big cash rewards that may be available for your patronage. By familiarizing yourself with such issues, you will be well-prepared before joining an online casino.

Licenses and Regulators

The first thing the casino guide recommends every player check is the online casino licenses. If you like to play with high stakes and you enter a casino in London such as “Crockfords”, you feel safe knowing that you are in safe hands and will enjoy high-quality service, as it is a known fact that all classic casino establishments in Great Britain are regulated by ” UK Gambling Commission.

The same applies to online casinos in Latvia, as they also require a license from a regulatory authority that could ensure the casino’s reliability, fairness, and legitimacy. First and foremost, the job of these licensing bodies is to ensure that all players at a particular online casino are getting a fair deal. It also gives players the reassurance that there is an independent third party that monitors casino practices and offers unbiased support in the event of disagreements between the operator and customers.

Variety of Games

Diversity is one of the mostf important things in any online casino, so when choosing which casino to play at, the second thing you should pay attention to is the selection of games. If the casino you choose only offers a limited number of games, it is very likely that you will be looking for a new gambling operator after a few days.

Instead, you should choose an online casino that offers both video and classic slots, table games, video poker, live dealer games, or anything else that interests you. Finding the right casino will save you a lot of time and effort in the future. Also, if you are tired of your favorite game, you will have the opportunity to choose another one. Choices are always a plus.

Software Developers

Online casinos require software to run their games, and there are countless industry-leading developers willing to offer their licensed products to casino operators. The software a casino uses is a testament to the quality and gaming experience it provides.

Some of the software developers that stand out from the crowd are NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, and EGT, among many others. Their games are highly regarded by players and industry alike for their authenticity. Players who sign up at a casino partnered with one of the above developers can enjoy realistic, clean graphics, great animations, good sound, and a great interface that’s easy to navigate. In addition, the software used by the casino indicates how reliable it is.

Also, it is important if the casino uses any of its own software with its own games. Because then players have access to games that cannot be found anywhere else.

Some software developers develop games with the “Instant Play” feature, just like free downloadable software, while some developers can only play their games in a browser. These are things to consider first, based on your individual requirements and needs.

EGT casinos

EGT is supported by 9 Casinos

Microgaming casinos

Microgaming is supported by 16 Casinos

NetEnt casinos

NetEnt is supported by 35 Casinos


Playtech is a prominent name in the world of online gaming and software development. Playtech is known for its diverse portfolio of casino games, sports betting software and innovative products that enhance the gaming experience. Playtech has a very good reputation, which makes it a reliable partner for many online casinos and betting platforms.

Playtech casinos

Playtech is supported by 8 Casinos

Range of Payment Methods

Next, the casino guide recommends paying attention to payment methods. We recommend checking the payment section first to understand if the casino supports the methods you are interested in. If you don’t find what you want on the list, you should contact the customer support team and ask to be sure. Support specialists can also help you choose another payment method that is suitable for players in your country.

Some of the most popular payment methods include debit and credit cards, digital wallets such as Neteller and Skrill, online banking payments, prepaid vouchers, and in some cases even checks.

Another thing you should pay attention to is the currencies that the casino accepts. Opening an account in the required currency will help you avoid currency conversion fees. Also, make sure that the currency you choose is available for both deposits and withdrawals, as some payment methods may only be available for deposits.

The time it takes to process payments is also an important factor. The most well-known gambling operators process deposits instantly and does not charge any additional fees for it. Which deposit method you choose is also important for another reason – certain deposit methods provide added value as players are awarded reload bonuses (usually between 5% and 15% of the deposited amount) each time players transfer funds.

Finally, you must ensure that payments are processed in a secure and reliable manner. Trusted online casinos emphasize the importance of player security and use encryption to hide sensitive information.

Hassle-free cost

Sometimes it happens that players win a certain amount of money in an online casino, but when they want to receive a payout, the request is rejected for some unknown reason.

It is important to check how long the payout takes, which is one of the most important things.

Sometimes it takes longer because the casino has to go through various verification procedures to make sure they are transferring the correct amount to the correct person. Verification is often necessary to prevent, for example, fraud or money laundering. Depending on the amount the player wants to withdraw, a copy of their ID or passport may be requested. It is part of the requirements dictated by the regulatory body that has granted the casino license.

Special Offers and Loyalty Bonuses

Special offers such as no-deposit, new player and recurring bonuses provide a good start to the game for those who have never played in an online casino before and are afraid to risk their money right away. Such offers have also become an important marketing tool for online casino operators, as they allow both attracting new players and maintaining the interest of existing players.

Taking advantage of special offers is a great way to try games for free with casino bonuses. Bonus amounts, terms, and conditions differ for each gambling operator. The main recommendation is to research and compare to choose the operator that offers the best bonus conditions and betting conditions. Make sure that the casino you choose has stated the rules in an understandable way.

A factor to consider is how much the casino values ​​its regular players. It is better to choose a casino that offers a loyalty program and rewards its customers for the money invested. This will give you extra value every time you place a bet. A loyalty program usually consists of several levels and players progress from one level to another by making bets. In many cases, newly registered members are immediately enrolled in the loyalty program and are on the first level. Each bet earns a certain number of loyalty points. Once a certain number of points has been accumulated, players can exchange them for cash, free spins, or other prizes.

Each casino has its own unique loyalty program and exchange rate for points earned. Compare what different casinos offer and try the one that offers the best exchange rate. Some game developers value their players so much that they give away various prizes such as tickets to events and free online tournaments.

Quality of Customer Support

Although this criterion is listed as the last in the casino guide, it does not mean that it is less important. Some online casino operators definitely do not provide an adequate level of customer service, giving players slow or unclear answers. Understandably, this is not the right way to treat customers. After all, customers are the biggest asset in any business and online casinos are no exception.

There are casinos that have the right approach and provide decent customer support through various channels such as 24/7 live chat, email, and phone.

The attitude of customer support specialists is also important. Good casinos train their customer support specialists to be able to answer all customer questions. Thanks to good customer support, the answers are always fast, polite, and understandable.


Based on everything mentioned above in the casino guide, choosing the right casino is not just about signing up and depositing money. If you want to fully enjoy the casino experience and receive the fair treatment you deserve, you must invest your energy in choosing the right casino.

In addition, online casinos differ both in terms of software, special offers, and the quality of the gaming experience. Before you rush to sign up with an online casino, make sure you do your research on the different operators.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to download casino software to play?

In most cases, you can play directly in the browser, without the need to download software.

Can I play in several online casinos at the same time?

Definitely. There are no restrictions in this sense. Thus, you also have a chance to win more.

What should I do if I feel that I am developing a gambling addiction?

You can seek help in support groups for gambling addicts, there is also the possibility to write to the site administration and ask to exclude yourself from the site for a certain period of time.

From what age is it allowed to play in an online casino?

The player must be of legal age. Minors are prohibited from playing, according to the law. In some countries it is 18 years, in some – 21 years.

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