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Sports Betting Strategy

Sports Betting Strategy

Updated: 28.12.2023

Sports betting attracts gamblers for a number of reasons. For some, it provides that adrenaline rush in anticipation of results, while others just want to try their luck or put their knowledge into practice. Another reason is a chance to win by using a specific strategy.

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Common Strategies That Can Be Used for Different Sports

Truthfully speaking, sports betting is not a simple game with a totally random outcome. It is based on a variety of betting strategies. Nowadays, sports betting has become so widespread that for some punters it provides regular profit.

Many betting strategies have emerged from online casinos and are also utilised in sports betting. Several alternatives to classic strategies have also developed, but not all will help you make a profit. Here you can learn about what we think are the most effective universal strategies.

StrategyBrief explanation
D’Alembert systemIf your bet wins – you reduce it by one unit, if your bet loses – you add one on.
Martingale systemSelect your stake – 2% or 3% of the total value. If your bet loses – you double the stake.
Standby Sweepstakes StrategyThe odds must equal at least 7. Start with a nominal value that does not exceed 5% of the total value. If you lose 8 times in a row – double your bet.
Miller’s Strategy Betting 1% of the deposit. If profits increase by at least 25%, increase the bet by the same percentage.

D’Alembert system

If you want to take sports betting to a professional level, sooner or later you will have to explore the most well known betting strategies. One of those is a system developed by the world-renowned physicist D’Alembert. This betting strategy claims that you can win more even with little investment. It is based on the following principle – every time you lose – place a bet, increasing it by one unit, and if you win – reduce the next bet by one unit.

Martingale system

This is one of the oldest strategies. First, select your stake – 2% or 3% of the total. In the event of a loss, you double your losing bet. If you win – you return to your original stake. Doubling the bet helps to recoup all losses each time.

Standby Sweepstakes Strategy

The system is used in many sports, mostly by beginners. This strategy requires patience and careful planning, but the end result can be quite impressive. When placing a bet, make sure the odds are at least 7. Initially, it is recommended to select a specific nominal value not exceeding 5% of the total. If there are 8 consecutive losses, the bet is doubled. This means that you bet until you win or until your funds deplete.

Miller’s Strategy

This guy conducted an extensive scientific study of errors made by bookmakers. With this system, you will avoid the risk of repeatedly increasing your winnings, just as you will learn how to make a profit by using the right allocation of funds. This strategy revolves around low bets – approximately 1% of the deposit. If the profit increases by at least 25%, the bet shall be increased accordingly.

Most Frequently Used Betting Strategies in Different Sports


“Total”A simple two-way strategy — the lowest or highest value.
“Handicap”An easy-to-use betting strategy, also suitable for beginners. Knowledge of basketball teams and their background is essential.
“Matchup”Utilised when there are two athletes of the same skill level.
“Quarterly game”More common in live betting; consider how well the previous quarter went.


“Ladder”A very popular betting strategy in football with a potential for high profits. The outcome of the game does not matter. Small bets are placed, and previous winnings are used to fund subsequent bets.
“First time total”You have to pick a team that you think will win. To start with, place a big bet, afterwards it should not exceed 1.5.
“Offside”Requires good knowledge of the championship, teams, and games – requires a detailed analysis.
“The first goal”This betting strategy also requires knowledge of each team and their strengths; pick the strongest team and predict the results of your favourite player and team.


“Handicap”Pick a game where favourites and underdogs are obvious.
“60+”A hockey betting strategy where funds are divided into five parts based on the following proportions: 1, 3.5, 9.5, 24.5, and 61.5%. If at any stage you win – new bets should be placed.
“Second period”Select a game where no goals have been scored during the first period. Only live bets are placed. In the second period, the bet odds must equal 1.5.
“The Third period”Suitable for high-scoring games.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my sports betting skills?

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced punter, there is always room for improvement. It will all depend on how skilled you are. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with different strategies and information about various types of sports to gain better insight.

Do I have to be a sports expert to participate in sports betting?

No. Anyone can take part in sports betting, regardless of their level of knowledge. However, the more knowledge you have about a particular type of sport, the better, as that will increase your chances of winning.

What is the best sport to bet on?

It is impossible to highlight a particular type of sport. The best strategy is to bet on the sport you know best.

How much money do I need for sports betting?

A few dollars will suffice to get you started.

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