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Online Lotteries

A lottery is one of the world's most popular types of gambling. Learn about the history of this game and various lotteries in Latvia.

Popularity of lotteries

Lotteries are based on pure luck, just like selecting a specific number.

Of course, lottery winnings are also important, because without them it would be impossible to draw in players. With tempting winnings worth several thousand euros, lotteries in Latvia and worldwide are attracting an ever-increasing number of people, to enjoy gambling and try their luck by playing money lotteries online or buying lottery tickets in person.

It is worth mentioning that nowadays companies in Latvia often use their revenue from lotteries to fund important projects, such as awarding scholarships to talented young people.

History of lotteries

Not many people know that the first historical fact of the lottery’s existence was discovered as early as 150 BC in Ancient China. With the help of the lottery, at the time a popular “Keno” ancestor game, the government earned the necessary profit to cover the cost of the war and build the Great Wall of China.

During the Roman Empire, the upper classes used lotteries as a way of entertainment at dinner parties, lottery tickets were distributed to guests. Those were free tickets, which could be exchanged for different awards.
After a while, other European countries began to organise lotteries with a view to collecting money for various projects, such as building fortresses. In the Netherlands, meanwhile, lotteries in the 17th century helped raise money to support the homeless and poor.

The word “lotto” came from Italy, where lotteries were used even to predict the formation of a future parliament. Since it changed every six months at random, people were given the opportunity to participate in lotteries. Of course, they loved the lottery, and, as a result, many other lotteries called “lotto” were created.

Lotteries in Latvia

There is hardly anyone who has not heard of “Latvijas Loto”, the largest company in our country, which offers various money lotteries online. Before 1993, “Latvijas Loto” was known as a Soviet Union lottery organization. However, “Latvijas Loto” is not the only company that offers various lotteries. Smaller-scale lottery providers are also available and this enables people to participate in different money lotteries online.

As we mentioned before, nowadays you can also find free money lotteries, such as the Receipt lottery. There are also lotteries that allow you to register online without paying any money, such as “Like & Share” lotteries on Facebook and elsewhere, where players can win goods and services.

However, before participating in any of the lotteries, please make sure that the organizer has been granted a permit to organize such lotteries in Latvia, and that everything is in compliance with Latvian law. Do not enter personal data and other personal information before you have verified the credibility of the lottery and site.

Types of lotteries

Lotteries in Latvia are classified in several ways. One of the biggest categories is instant lotteries, which are available to buy either online or as printed tickets from a retailer that sells lottery tickets.

Instant lotteries

The concept of instant lotteries is simple – you need to scratch off all of the coating to find identical symbols or a specific number of symbols.

The instant lottery rules are usually displayed on the reverse side of the card. The price of these lotteries ranges from 0.50 EUR to 5.00 EUR, e.g. “Simtgades” lottery and others. You can check if you have won straightaway, and it is often possible to take part in an additional game with the unlucky ticket.

Various brands, such as supermarkets, producers and other organisations, tend to organise lotteries by offering to purchase certain goods or make a certain value purchase, and then registering a purchase receipt to participate in a draw where money and other goods can be won.

Number lotteries

Number lotteries are also a popular lottery type that has been played all over the world for many centuries. As we mentioned before, Keno is one of the oldest number lotteries invented in China to finance various government projects. Nowadays, there are other popular number lotteries, such as: SuperBingo, Keno, Viking Lotto and others. These lottery tickets can also be purchased in printed form or online, enabling every customer to choose the most convenient way.

The most popular Loto lotteries and jackpots in Latvia

Lottery Jackpot
💰SuperBingo €273,000
💰Keno €600,000
💰Viking Lotto €25m
💰EuroJackpot €85m
💰Džokers €150,000
💰Džokers 7 €750,000


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  • No. The lottery is based on pure luck, and its outcome is random based on the random number. It is impossible to predict what the outcome will be.

  • In Latvia, winnings of up to EUR 3000 are not taxed. If that amount is higher, the tax rate shall be 23%. If the winnings exceed EUR 62,800, the tax rate shall be 31.4%.

  • No, player can only register one profile in his name, because lottery sites do an ID verification.

  • No, the account must be in your name, as per the terms and conditions.

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