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Editorial Principles

Editorial Principles

Updated: 05.06.2024

The editorial principles and operational guidelines set out below provide information on the actions of all individuals involved in the preparation and distribution of all information materials. Content is developed based on a variety of media platforms and serves as our publicly available information. We are committed to providing our readers with genuine and high-quality content.

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True and Accurate Information

Every player has the right to the truth and our aim is to provide our customers with accurate, complete, and objective information about every casino in Latvia.


We take responsibility for the information published on our website. We carefully analyse all sources of information and review the content, before it gets published on the website, to ensure its originality and usefulness for the reader. The information sources of our articles are transparent and publicly available.


Each phase of our information collection and reporting process is governed by trust. Public confidence in the work we do depends on a clear and proven commitment to the interests of the reader, which are always prioritized over anything else. To achieve this, we are working hard to make articles interesting, informative, and useful in the process of casino selection.


We very much respect the rights of the data subjects and objects in the process of collecting information. We recognise the protection of individual rights in accordance with legal acts regulating the law, as well as our accountability towards those who place trust in us.


Our readers’ trust is the key value to which we always aspire and try to preserve. The foundation of trust is established with the very first publication on the website. The following guidelines have been designed to achieve the most accurate presentation of reality:

All facts presented in the content of an article must be based on primary sources, and verifiable evidence, where this is possible;

  • Where information from the primary source is not available, the facts must be verified via the sources where this information is available;
  • Where statements are used, the information must be verified using at least two identifiable sources;
  • The wording must be clear and unequivocal, while carefully avoiding confusion and any phrases which could give rise to the possibility of drawing conclusions and accusations which are not based on evidence and facts;
  • Due care must be exercised to avoid distortion of facts by using terms or tones that could exaggerate or misrepresent a situation;
  • Published or transmitted reports shall not contain any fictitious speculation;
  • All photographs must be approved, in particular where they are provided by the sources that are interested in their disclosure;
  • Special care shall be taken and facts shall be double checked via online information sources.


Publications are based on sources and contacts. Reliable and trustworthy sources give us a competitive advantage and provide us with knowledge so that we can serve the interests of our website users. Unreliable and manipulative sources, on the other hand, poison the entire information system, often with severe consequences. In order to protect our work from the latter, we must comply with the following rules:

  • All content must be consistently subjected to a standard testing and approval process;
  • We do not pay the sources for stories and do not make deals in exchange for publications;
  • Anonymity may only be granted to the source if the information provided is verifiable via alternative sources. The information must be always linked to an identifiable source;
  • We never promise a publication, because ultimately the final decision must be made on how, when, and whether the story should be used at all;
  • Sources are not allowed to check or access information before its publication, except on rare and unusual occasions. Such access may only be granted if, in the opinion of the senior editor, it is necessary to ensure, for example, the accurate presentation of the technical terminology used by the source. It would be therefore essential to make it clear to the source that only correcting errors and changes shall be deemed acceptable.
  • The sources must always be specified.


Honest content is crucial for a good reputation and for building and deepening trust between us and the audience, as well as the sources we interact with on a daily basis. It is our responsibility to act in such a way that the public receives the necessary information. This is what we can do:

  • Maintain a clear boundary between our personal views and public opinion. We serve the public interest without confusing facts and comments;
  • Demonstrate the commitment to obtaining all aspects of the story from reliable sources and, where it is not possible, stipulate why;
  • The readiness to provide answers to the person or organization where they have a legitimate reason to believe that they have been negatively impacted;
  • Avoid references to the subject’s race, sexual orientation, religion, sex, age or nationality;
  • To demonstrate respect and courtesy to all those who reach out to us with a report or a story, even if, following our final assessment, this information will not be published on our website;
  • To prioritize the worthiness of a publication over the social status of the people involved;
  • Ethical behavior towards people we deal with when collecting information.

Code of Conduct

As professional authors, we understand that the power of the media is not our personal power; it belongs to the people on whose behalf we collect information about casinos and publish articles to keep our readers up to date. In doing so, we adhere to certain behavioral standards:

  • All information must be collected in accordance with the law. The editorial will provide instructions where this is necessary for the public good;
  • It is the responsibility of the authors to respect the code of behavior, honesty and respect for all, including personal integrity.

Integrity and Independence

Our key value is integrity. This is the basis of our readers’ trust in the work we do. We achieve this by committing to the public interest with integrity, which we prioritize over anything else. The following provisions have been designed to protect the integrity and independence of the editorial process:

  • Any individual involved in the editorial process shall be responsible for ensuring that reasonable judgment is exercised in the public interest, which shall be the basis of all decisions concerning public order;
  • Content formation must not be disclosed to any individual not authorized to obtain it;
  • The editor shall be responsible for ensuring a clear distinction between news, content, and advertising, or sponsored content, including promotional materials, in such a way as to ensure that members of the public are always clear about what constitutes a promotional article or advertising;
  • Advertising and sponsor logos must comply with the display guidelines in the editorial content.

Conflict of Interest

Editorial integrity is a hard-fought value, which can be quickly ruined by compromises with other people and their interests. The following rules have been designed to protect the integrity of our work, as well as those involved in the editorial process.

  • No author must accept any favors, gifts or money in exchange for any kind of content.
  • All information sent for consideration shall be the property of the company and shall not be distributed.
  • All authors must take all precautions to ensure that their personal views do not affect their work.
  • The personal relationship between an author and a possible information source must be disclosed to the editor who shall decide what action is necessary.


We take responsibility to be accountable for all our activities. As soon as we are made aware of errors in our content, we take the necessary measures to rectify errors by way of corrections and clarifications. We take a proactive approach, where we can, and do not necessarily wait for external parties to notify us. The relevant correction must also be made in the archived material.

We recognise the right of public representatives to ask questions about our activities and we are aware that it is our responsibility to stand by the decisions we have made, both in terms of how we operate and in terms of the content that has been published. We take responsibility for compliance with the law, regulations, and rules that govern our conduct and operations.

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