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How we rate casinos

There are many reasons why online casino players visit our site, from game descriptions to easy-to-understand strategy guidelines. The main reason why people visit our site is simple – they can find the best online casinos available by going through countless reviews.

Review creation process

We are proud of the fact that everything is transparent, which is why we created this article, where you can find out how we evaluate online casinos. Every online casino goes through an identical evaluation process, which ensures completely fair reviews based on the same criteria. Therefore, you can be absolutely sure that you will receive a complete and honest description of gambling sites.

When creating a casino review, we follow a strict process to ensure that you don’t miss anything you should know. Our expert reviewers create each review using the same process and check reviews regularly to ensure they are always truthful and unbiased. Below you can familiarize yourself with how we evaluate online casinos and how our experts develop a casino review.

Review criteria

First impressions

First impressions of a website are very important and often we can tell whether a website is good or not within the first few seconds. These first impressions will give our experts an understanding of how user-friendly the site is, and they’ll also see how aesthetically pleasing it is – seemingly small things, but they can really make a difference to your gaming experience.

Registration process

The way we evaluate an online casino starts with registration. Doing so gives us access to the entire site and allows us to understand how it works. We inform you how easy the registration process is and whether the site gives new player bonuses or not. Also, we deposit money so you can quickly check what payment methods are available and how quickly the money is deposited.


When we deposit money, we don’t cash out, we use it to play different games, testing each one to see how good it is. We then provide feedback on the quality of the games, as well as inform you about the range of games. We also collect information about various software developers, as well as how much you can win when playing games, especially progressive jackpot slots. As you can imagine, this is one of the most important things in how we evaluate online casinos, and we spend a lot of time gathering information.

Bonuses and special offers

When creating a review, we evaluate various bonuses and special offers. We check the new player bonus when signing up, as well as what other bonuses are available and if there are any loyalty programs. Of course, bonuses and special offers change over time, which is why we regularly check our reviews to make sure the bonuses they mention are up to date. You can find more information about the bonuses available at a particular online casino in our article on casino bonuses.


Of all the aspects in every review, safety is probably the most important. We have built a good reputation in the world of online gambling and we would never risk it by recommending a casino where you cannot feel safe. That’s why we check everything, both the regulatory body and the fairness of the games, to make player is always safe. If we believe that the site is not safe, we inform you about it and recommend not to play on it.

Customer support and costs

Lastly, when evaluating an online casino, we withdraw money to find out how quickly the payment is processed, as well as what the payout options are. We also check if the site is charging a commission. We contact the casino through all available communication channels to see how well the site responds to questions and handles complaints. We don’t tell the site we’re doing a review so the team thinks we’re regular visitors and can give an honest review of how good the customer service is.

How do we evaluate the various aspects of an online casino?

When it comes to our reviews, some aspects of the site are definitely more important than others. For example, website security is definitely more important than how the website looks. For this reason, some aspects are more important when evaluating the site as a whole. When conducting a review, the three main aspects that we pay the most attention to are – security, bonuses, and the range of games.

We arrive at the overall ranking of a website after a long process and it involves many factors. Many people are involved, including the creator and editor of the review. Due to our careful approach to how we rate online casinos, you can rest assured that a highly rated site is indeed a good place to play, and that a low rated site should be avoided.

About our casino review team

We are proud to have a fantastic team where each member has extensive knowledge of online gambling. Everyone has been playing online casinos for years and this allows us to quickly spot and highlight the differences between mediocre sites and very good ones – meaning our expert reviews are useful for new and experienced players alike.

You won’t find inconsistencies in how each expert creates a review because we all follow specific guidelines. In addition, all reviews are reviewed by an editor before publication. We want you to receive the most honest review possible, which is why we spend so much time creating our understandable and informative reviews.

We always make sure that the information we publish is up-to-date

Just like other internet sites, online casinos are always evolving as new features are introduced for players to enjoy. Some casino review sites never review their reviews, which means reviews can become outdated and inappropriate. We regularly review the reviews we publish to make sure they only include the most up-to-date information.

Therefore, if the bonus changes, we will let you know, and if a new game is added, you will be one of the first to know. We will look for even the smallest changes, such as adjustments to the bonus rules, as this has a big impact on how good the site is. Once we’ve published a review, you can be sure it’s up-to-date and up-to-date, no matter when you read it.

Since our reviews are updated regularly, it’s best to re-read them from time to time. Pay special attention to the reviews of the casinos you are a member of, just to see if they are still the best sites, and to make sure there are no major changes that could affect you. This practice is defined in the editorial principles of

Find the right online casino for you today!

Now you know how we evaluate online casinos and create our casino reviews, and you definitely have a better understanding of why we consider some sites great and others not. Therefore, all you have to do is open our review section and read the casino reviews. Once you have chosen the casino that suits you best, you can start playing on the chosen site in just a few minutes.


Of course, many of the above sections overlap, which is why when we finish our online casino review, we take another look at the entire website as a whole. Then we can give the website an average rating, taking into account the ratings it received for different sections, as well as other factors we consider important. Then we publish a review, and then you can find out exactly what we think about the particular casino.


  • The casino evaluation process includes many criteria. You can find out more in the casino reviews.

  • The casino is rated by experts in the field or former players. Therefore, casino reviews are objective.

  • The rating of a casino is influenced by many factors, such as the presence of a license. As well as the speed of payout.

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