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Player Rights

Player Rights

Updated: 28.12.2023

In spite of the fact that there are national authorities that monitor and control the safe and legal operation of gaming platforms, occasionally situations occur when, for whatever reason, player rights are violated. Often players let the situation slide by itself because they get confused and have no idea what to do. But what action should be taken if a gaming platform significantly violates player rights, which leads to negative consequences? Is it worth addressing such situations?

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Violation of Rights

  • Violations by other players. Unfortunately, the truth is that some players use gaming sites to obtain the confidential data of other players for their own purposes. Needless to say, such activities are illegal and are ceased by gaming platform employees, however, it is practically impossible to control all such instances.
  • Violations caused by the practices of a gaming platform. On some occasions, the gaming platform directly violates player rights, for example, by collecting and distributing confidential information. Such practices infringe on user rights and should therefore be closely monitored in order to pre-empt major adverse consequences in the future. You can claim compensation from an organisation that admits the wrongdoing.

What Should I Do?

You should first contact the gaming platform help centre as a simple error could have occurred that you may have misunderstood.

Make sure you reach out to the help centre if you have any queries, as they will be able to provide you with the most accurate information.

If required, you can use information portals that are widely available online, which provide detailed information about the functions of the platform. By examining this information, it will be possible to assess the likelihood of fraud and violation of user rights. If the casino is unable to resolve the issue, it is worth reaching out to the relevant authorities.

What Are Player Rights?

  • The player has the right to create one user account at an online casino.
  • Casinos in Latvia are regulated and monitored by the Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection. The Inspection ensures that game results are fair and personal and payment data is protected.
  • All available games are based on a random number generator, which guarantees completely random game outcomes, thus giving every player a chance to win. These random number generators are controlled by independent authorities that verify their fairness.
  • All rights and interests of players are protected under the consumer rights law. Casinos must ensure that all terms and conditions are displayed clearly on the website and written in language that the layperson easily understands to enable the player to make an informed decision in relation to the use of the services.
  • The player has the right and obligation to familiarise themselves with the terms and conditions to pre-empt any potential subsequent misinterpretations. Data safety is another crucial aspect, especially anything related to casino payments, as you will be required to provide your bank or credit card information when requesting a payout. To ensure that confidential information is not transferred to third parties, ensure your chosen casino keeps it safe.
  • If you have any questions, you can always contact the customer help centre. If your problem is not resolved within 15 days, you can contact the Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection.
  • The player has the right to use casino bonuses, terms and conditions of which must be made accessible on the website and written in language that is easily understood by the layperson. It is the responsibility of the user to familiarise themselves with the T&Cs and contact customer support with any queries.
  • You have the right to request a payout at any time via the most convenient payment method available. At the same time, as a player, you have an obligation to familiarise yourself with minimum and maximum payouts, as well as daily, weekly, and monthly limits. To ensure that payments are processed as quickly as possible, the user has to ensure that all requested documents are good quality, in date, full size, and have been uploaded to their user account.
  • The player can decide how often and how much they want to pay in, in line with the limits set by the casino. It should be noted that all payments must be made in the player’s name, third party payments are prohibited. Beware as breaching these terms may cause your payment to be cancelled, and you may encounter problems when requesting a payout. It is therefore important to review the casino T&Cs in good time.
  • We all know that gambling can take over and awaken all kinds of emotions, please remember that the outcome of a game is dependent on pure luck and it is just a game, not a source of profit. It is important to remain calm and mindful and remember that we all have good and bad days. Do not hesitate to seek help from customer support professionals.
  • Every player has the right to take a break. You can choose a time period that suits you best. Every player has to make a conscious decision to pause and take a break. If you feel like you play more than you can afford and gambling takes control over you, consider taking a break and, if necessary, self-exclude yourself from gambling for some time or for good. You can also set your deposit or session limits, which have been introduced to encourage players to gamble responsibly. If you have tried all of the above but the problem persists, you can try to speak to your loved ones, or if you do not feel like sharing with them, you can always contact the customer support service or call the designated phone number provided on the website. The Consumer Rights Act ensures the protection of all Latvian gamblers who may develop a gambling addiction.


Take care of yourself from the moment you decide to start playing at a casino by meticulously researching different websites to make the right choice. Never play at a casino without first verifying the existence of a casino licence and reviewing T&Cs. You have the right and obligation to familiarise yourself with all available information. Bear in mind that when you create a user account, you agree with all of the T&Cs of the site. We understand there may be a lot of information to digest so we have already evaluated casinos for you, however, it is still worth taking your time to go through them.

It is always good to know what to expect. Take care of yourself and do not let entertainment turn into a problem, you can always keep track of your gaming time and the amount of money spent, and never spend more than you can afford. If you have any concerns in relation to your gambling, take the gambling self-assessment to determine the extent of your problem, and also remember you can set limits or seek immediate help. The sooner you admit your problem, the easier it will be to solve it. We support responsible gambling and encourage you to do the same.

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