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Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Updated: 05.06.2024

One of the key criteria to consider when joining a new online casino is diverse and secure payment methods. This is an important factor because you will need to deposit and withdraw funds. And that means your money must be kept safe and transfers must be made using practical and convenient payment methods. Read on to learn about the most popular payment methods accepted in Latvian casinos.

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The Best Casino for Each Payment Method

🎖️ Most payment methodsVulkan Vegas
🎖️ The best choice for payment cardsOlybet
🎖️ The best choice for e-walletsLaimz
🎖️ The best choice for bank transfersLVBet
🎖️ The best casino for cryptocurrencyCosmicSlot

Importance of Reputable Payment Methods in Online Casinos

When choosing a real money gambling website, it is always crucial to check whether the platform offers diverse and safe payment options. Why is it so important? Surely you would be keen to ensure your money is 100% safe when you make a deposit and request a payout. Third parties will not be able to access your data and other sensitive information if you choose a secure payment method as it will shield you from fraudulent activities and other security concerns.

Types of Payment Methods Offered by Online Casinos

Any casino is keen to ensure their customers are able to deposit and withdraw money hassle-free, safely, and quickly, which is why they offer diverse and secure payment options. For example, bank transfers, credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards or electronic wallets.

Payment methodMost popular
✅ Credit/debit cardsVISA, Mastercard
✅ Bank transferSEB, Swedbank, Citadele, Revolut
✅ E-WalletSkrill, Neteller, Paypal, Paysafecard, Trustly, Paysera
✅ CryptocurrencyBitcoin

Payment Cards

Debit cards

Debit cards are the most popular payment method in both online and land-based casinos. Its biggest advantage is an additional level of security when making a payment.

Credit cards

This is the second most popular payment method. A credit card is a payment card frequently used for online purchases. Debit cards are issued to pretty much anyone, whereas credit cards are harder to obtain – a customer needs to apply and then qualify for a credit card.

Prepaid cards

These are virtual currency cards that range in value. Although prepaid cards are not yet that common, they are gradually becoming more popular in individual industries.

Electronic Wallets

Electronic wallets are one of the newest payment methods providing a whole new purchasing experience. This payment method is becoming more and more popular in online casinos.

Both customers and suppliers are required to register on a relevant platform to make e-payments. Once an e-wallet account is set up, the customer can link up their bank account to withdraw and deposit funds online.

Bank Transfers

A bank transfer is a popular payment option, however, not the safest.

Alternative Payment Methods

The payment methods mentioned above have been basking in glory for years. However, there are alternative options online, like cryptocurrency. What is it? See below.


Customers who give preference to cryptocurrency pay for goods and services using blockchain-based digital currencies. Why do online casinos use cryptocurrencies? Because there are many advantages, including the following:

  • Lower transaction commission fees;
  • Anonymity;
  • Faster transactions;
  • Allows anyone to send and receive payments anywhere. So instead of physical money that people carry around and exchange in person, cryptocurrency payments exist only as digital records in an online database containing a description of specific transactions;

The most popular cryptocurrency today is Bitcoin. Other cryptocurrencies are available, such as Litecoin, Dash, NEO, Titcoin, SafeMoon, DeSo, TRON, Bitcoin cash, and many others.

What to Consider When Choosing a Payment Method for Deposits and Withdrawals in the Casino?

You have now learnt about the most popular and secure payment types available online. However, in order to choose a suitable payment method, we recommend taking the following aspects into account:

  • Your chosen method’s reputation. Take your time to read online reviews of the customers that have used or are still using that particular payment method.
  • Deposit and payout commission fees. As a general rule, you will be charged a certain commission fee, which will vary depending on your chosen payment method, so make sure you do your research to find the one that is more advantageous for you.
  • Safety level. A secure payment type is of utmost importance because nowadays there are many fraudsters online who try to access people’s accounts. Therefore, always check how secure your payment method is.
  • Transaction times. Transaction processing times will also vary for each payment type, from a few minutes to a few days, so always check how quickly you will be able to deposit funds or withdraw winnings from an online platform.


Head to the official website of your chosen payment method to check the level of security it guarantees. Online fraudsters spring up like mushrooms, so protecting your financial data is crucial.

Commission fees

Make sure your chosen payment method does not carry a hefty commission.

Transaction times

Check how long it will take for your deposit to be transferred from your bank account into your casino account with the payment method of your choice. The same applies to withdrawing winnings, of course. If you got lucky and won, surely you would want to get paid straight away and not wait for days or even weeks.

Therefore, always check what deposit and payout processing times are linked to a particular payment method.

How to Make a Deposit?

Once you have registered with the selected online casino, deposit funds into your casino account to start playing your favourite casino games for real money. Normally it is a quick and straightforward process, which will only take a few minutes. Note, however, that this process may vary by casino because each operator has its deposit policy. Nevertheless, some essential steps are almost identical across the board, as described below

Step 1

Register with an online casino.

To begin with, you need to register and log in with your username and password. Then go to your account where you will find all available payment methods offered by that particular operator.

Step 2

Choose a payment method.

Choose a method that works best for you. We recommend choosing the most popular and recognised casino payment types as normally they are the safest and most convenient.

Step 3

Enter the requested information

Once you have made your choice, you will be required to enter such information as financial and personal data. The information requested will depend on the type of payment you select.

Step 4

Choose your deposit amount.

Lastly, decide how much you want to deposit into your account and enter that number in a relevant field.

Step 5

Make a transaction.

How soon will your transaction be processed and your funds transferred into your casino account? As we have mentioned above, that will depend on your payment type.

How to Make a Payout From an Online Casino?

This process is quick and straightforward, and pretty much the same across the board. Take a look at the step-by-step guide below:

1. Go to Your Account

First, head to your account to check the balance. Every online platform sets minimum and maximum payout amounts. Confirm your balance meets the criteria. This information can be usually found in “Terms and Conditions”.

2. Request a Payout

If you have sufficient funds to withdraw, request a payout by entering a specific amount in a relevant field.

3. Select a Payment Method

Then choose your preferred payment method. Please bear in mind that in some online casinos you may be required to use the same payment method for both deposits and payouts, so if that is the case, then you will need to withdraw funds using the same method that was selected when you made a deposit to your casino account.

4. Make a Transaction

As we have mentioned before, payout processing times can range from a few minutes to even days, depending on your payment method. It can also vary by casino.

Some payment types, such as cryptocurrencies and e-wallets, have faster transaction times compared to, for example, credit cards and bank transfers. Additionally, large sums take longer to withdraw.

Frequently Asked Questions

What essential things do I need to consider when choosing a payment method?

It is very important to consider how safe and trustworthy your chosen payment method is, as well as things like payment processing times and commission fees.

Which payment methods are the fastest?

In general, the following payment methods are associated with fast payment processing: credit cards, debit cards, cryptocurrency, and electronic wallets.

Which payment types are the safest and most trusted?

The safest payment methods are credit cards and e-wallets.

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