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Lanbased casinos in Jelgava

In Jelgava you can find all the most popular Latvian casinos and gaming halls, such as Olympic Casino, Joker, Fenikss and Dimants. A lot of the oldest land-based gaming halls and casinos are now available online.

The best gaming halls in Jelgava

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Joker Casino
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Joker Casino review

The best casinos in Jelgava

✅ The best casino in JelgavaOlympic Casino & Olybet
✅ The best casino atmosphereDimants
✅ Largest selection of slot machinesFenikss
✅ The best casino designJoker

Olympic Casino

Olympic Casino & Olybet Pasta ielā 51/1

Olympic Casino & Olybet on Pasta street 51/1

Olympic Casino & Olybet Sports Bar 00-24 at Pasta iela 51/1 in Jelgava is open 24/7, so you can visit this venue at your convenience to enjoy your gaming experience. This entertainment venue provides customers with 23 slot machines and sports betting terminal. Head to the lounge area where you will find computers that can be used to view current sporting events and sportsbook options. A great place to relax with your loved ones.

🎲 Casino:Olympic Casino & Olybet Sports Bar 00-24
🏢 Address:Pasta street 51/1, Jelgava, LV-3001
➡️ Working hours:24/7
📱 Phone no:28 636 236
Olympic Casino & Olybet Pētera ielā 3

Olympic Casino & Olybet on Petera street 3

Olympic Casino at Pētera iela in Jelgava provides their customers with an amazing selection of 20 slot machines from top developers. There is also a sports bar with specially equipped computers to follow sporting events and place bets. At the bar you can sit back and relax in comfy chairs and sip on one of the delicious drinks on offer. The casino provides WI-FI and on-site parking. Have a great time with your friends, share your experiences, and win!

🎲 Casino:Olympic Casino & Olybet Sports Bar 00-24
🏢 Address:Petera street 3, Jelgava, LV-2167
➡️ Working hours:24/7
📱 Phone no:25 615 990
Olympic Casino & Olybet Rīgas ielā 48

Olympic Casino & Olybet on Riga street 48

At Olympic Casino & Olybet Sports Bar 00-24 your cup of coffee or tea will never go empty. A great selection of cocktails is also available. The bar caters for all tastes! The casino is known for its friendly and warm customer service. The operator offers various promos, for example, customers can get a free drink. There is a slot hall, as well as a sports betting terminal. At this entertainment venue you can enjoy your life not only on weekends but also throughout the week.

🎲 Casino:Olympic Casino & Olybet Sports Bar 00-24
🏢 Address:Riga street 48, Jelgava, LV-3004
➡️ Working hours:24/7
📱 Phone no:67 892 975


Dimants, Pērnavas iela, Jelgava

Gaming club Dimants is located next to the popular Irish Dublin Pub in Jelgava. The lounge area is designed in the British colonial style, thus immersing visitors into the atmosphere of that time. In the gaming hall you will find slots from the world’s leading game developers. This bar at Pērnavas iela 4d offers a wide range of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. There are multiple TV screens available for visitors’ convenience to follow their favourite sporting events.

🎲 Casino:Dimants
🏢 Address:Pernavas street 4d, Jelgava, LV-3004
➡️ Working hours:24/7
📱 Phone no:+371 67465184


Fenikss on Uzvaras street 4A

Fenikss at Uzvaras iela 4A is open 24/7 and provides a first-class welcome to all visitors. It is one of the two Fenikss gaming halls in Jelgava, where visitors can relax after a long working day, on weekends, and even at night hours. The entertainment venue offers an extensive range of slot machines from the most well-known game developers. While playing your favourite slot machine, you can order and enjoy delicious drinks prepared with love by the casino’s bartenders. Remember to bring your passport with you when visiting Fenikss.

🎲 Casino:Fenikss
🏢 Address:Uzvaras street 4A, Jelgava, LV-3001
➡️ Working hours:24/7
📱 Phone no:67 301 090
Fenikss Mātera ielā 25C

Fenikss on Matera street 25C

Fenikss gaming hall at Mātera iela 25C in Jelgava is open every day. Here you will find a wide and diverse selection of slot machines from the most recognised developers. Enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience in comfy casino chairs. There are all sorts of drinks available to order. This entertainment venue will give you unforgettable emotions and a pleasant aftertaste. The professional casino team is always on hand to help and serve every customer to the highest standards.

🎲 Casino:Fenikss
🏢 Address:Matera street 25C, Jelgava, LV-3001
➡️ Working hours:24/7
📱 Phone no:


Joker Rīgas ielā 57

Joker on Riga street 57

Although this sports bar is situated outside central Jelgava, it is popular with visitors who prefer uncrowded places. Gamblers can easily access their favourite slot machines from their preferred game developers or try out all of them. This Joker gaming club at Rīgas iela has a very stylish and modern design and a pleasant and soft colour scheme. A comfy lounge area with leather sofas is also available to watch games on TV screens alongside like-minded sports fans.

🎲 Casino:Joker
🏢 Address:Riga street 57, Jelgava, LV-3004
➡️ Working hours:24/7
📱 Phone no:20 200 693
Joker Zemgales prospektā 10

Joker on Zemgales prospekts 10

SynotTip sports bar – Joker gaming hall is a modern and comfortably furnished venue in the city centre. It is easily reachable due to its convenient location. The venue has been renovated and is very cosy to be in. Customers can watch games on TV screens while chilling on comfortable sofas. Joker is open 24/7, you will not have to rush and you can play slots and place bets at any time that works for you.

🎲 Casino:Joker
🏢 Adress:Zemgales prospekts 10, Jelgava, LV-3001
➡️ Working hours:24/7
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