Esports Betting

Updated: 17.06.2024

Esports in Latvia are developing rapidly among the players and those who offer sports bets. Bets on Esports are prevalent and have become one of the fastest-growing sports betting niches. Sports betting in E-sport can be placed on whoever wins the overall standings, how many times a player will kill other players' avatars and many other special E-sport bets.

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  • Relatively good odds compared to other sports

  • Specialised promotions for big esports events

  • Wide variety of betting markets

  • The outcome of the games sometimes might be unpredictable

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What is Esports?


E-sports, or electronic sports, is a form of competition in which players compete by playing video games. Electronic sports include various leagues, tournaments, and championships. E-sports are played by professional teams or players one on one. The most popular game genres are first-person shooter and fighting games. The most popular Esports games played in the industry are Dota 2, League of Legends (LoL), Counter-Strike 2, Call of Duty, and Overwatch.

As in traditional sports, E-sport organizations are also developed that bring together the best players in the world providing the right training conditions. The team of professional Esports organizations includes not only players but also coaches, analysts, psychologists, cooks, and other specialists. And, just like in football or hockey, here at our chosen gambling sites, you have the opportunity to place various sports bets in E-sport and win real money.

Best Esports Sportsbooks by Category

🏆 Best Esports Sportsbook in LatviaKlondaika
🌎 Best International Sportsbook in LatviaBetplays
💻 Best Sportsbook for Live BettingStake
🎁 Best Esports Betting BonusesVulkan Bet
📱 Best Esports Betting AppTonybet
📈 Best Esports Betting OddsNords Casino

Pros and Cons of Esports Betting in Comparison to Other Sports

Betting in esports is complicated. All pros and cons must be carefully considered.

✅ Pros
Relatively good oddsThe best bookmakers offer relatively good odds on esports matches. As watching esports games has seen a rapid increase in popularity in recent years, the opportunity to bet on games and tournaments has increased significantly.
Esports is getting more excitingEsports betting offers fans a great way to engage with their favorite games and players by becoming part of the eSports experience. It is not only an entertaining form of entertainment, but also an opportunity to test your knowledge of the game and its players.
Special bonusesMany of the online bookmakers now offer various special bonuses tailored to betting on esports, such as extra points or discounts for regular players. This creates an added incentive to get involved in esports betting, giving regular bettors an extra chance to enjoy the excitement while potentially making a profit.
A wide range of bet typesBetting on eSports offers an unrivaled range of options. Thanks to the wide range of offers, bettors can bet on everything from the performance of individual players to the overall performance of the team. This wide range of bet types means players can access many unique ways to get involved in their favorite games.
Lots of available games (esports disciplines)From League of Legends and StarCraft 2 to CS2 or Valorant, esports bettors have access to a virtually unlimited range of sports. Additionally, the freedom to bet on any game at any time allows bettors to diversify their portfolio by gaining insight into different sports that they may have overlooked before entering the world of esports.
❌ Cons
Lack of knowledgeIn traditional sports, it is quite easy to research players and teams before placing bets. This is not always possible in esports. As the industry is still young and developing, teams sometimes lack explanations or profiles that provide insight into their achievements or struggles, making it difficult for bettors to make an accurate informed decision on which team to place their odds on. In addition, younger players are often replaced on rosters, meaning that bets placed after a roster change may not be as successful as those placed earlier in the season. Of course, there is always luck involved, but when it comes to esports betting, knowing the players and teams can play a very important role.
Fierce and active competitionBetting on esports can be a risky move for many reasons. Some of the biggest risks come from the fact that the outcomes of many games can be highly unpredictable. This means that regardless of the betting odds, it is possible for bettors to suffer losses if their team does not perform as expected. In addition, the competitiveness inherent in the competition encourages players and teams to do whatever it takes to win. Overall, while esports betting can be an exciting endeavor, players should also keep these potential risks in mind before placing bets.
Advantages Relatively good odds Esports is getting more exciting Special bonuses A wide range of bet types Lots of games available
Disadvantages Lack of knowledge Fierce and active competition

What Are the Most Popular E-sports Games and Tournaments To Bet On?

The development of e-sports has grown considerably and modern strategy games have gained rapid popularity. The arena of online games has become part of E-sports. The most popular Esports games are PUBG, Counter-Strike 2, Call of Duty, League of Legends, Dota 2, Smite, Rocket League, World of Tanks, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Super Smash Bros. Melee, StarCraft II, and Overwatch.

The calendar of e-sport tournaments is being constantly replenished with new championships, tournaments, and leagues. Various e-sport competitions and events fill the world’s largest and most famous arenas. There are several well-known E-sports tournaments in the world, such as Dota 2, The International 2018, and the most popular matches of the League of Legends. These are the most-watched e-sports tournaments in history, reaching 200 million viewers and surpassing even the Super Bowl.

Best Esports Sportsbooks for Each Game

✅ The Best E-sports BookmakerBetsafe
✅ The Best LoL BookmakerLVBet
✅ The Best CS 2 BookmakerOlybet
✅ The Best Valorant BookmakerOptibet
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Types of Bets in E-sports

Esports betting types
Type of betMeaning
📌 Match resultPredict which team will win the match.
📌 HandicapHypothetically adjusted end result for bookmakers for each team.
📌 Over / UnderPredict whether the total number of points played in the game is greater or less than the total amount specified by the bookmaker.
📌 Live bettingPlace bets during the game.
📌 Exact resultExact prediction of the result of the game.
📌 Special betsTypes of bets not found in traditional sports.

Match Result

The result of the match, or who will win. Like anywhere, in E-sports this is also the most popular and at the same time the easiest bet. For example, Vice Esports 2.30 and Fnatic 1.55 compete in the game. In this match, the stakes for the Fnatic victory are lower than for the Vice victory. This means that Fnatic is the favorite and most likely to win. This does not mean that they are guaranteed victory, it means that they have a better chance than their opponent. It is safer to bet on what is considered a favorite, but if Vice wins, the winnings will be greater.


Handicap is one of the most difficult sports bets. It involves the bookmakers hypothetically adjusting the final score for each team or player. You, in turn, have to predict which team or player will win AFTER this result correction.

For example, Rox Tigers (-1.5) vs. Ever8 Winners (+1.5). In this case, the Rox Tigers have a -1.5 handicap. This means that 1.5 points should be deducted from their final score. So if they won the match 2: 1, they would lose for betting purposes, because the end result would actually be 0.5: 1. But if they won 2-0, the end result would actually be 0.5: 0. Consequently, sports betting in E-sport would be defeated.

Ever8 winners have a +1.5 handicap, which means they will be awarded 1.5 points to add to the score. If they lost 1: 2, the end result would actually be 2.5: 2, so their bets on E-sports would win.

Over / Under

Over / Under or Total bets are E-sport bets on whether the total number of points played in the game is higher or lower than the total amount specified by the one who placed bets. You don’t have to predict exactly which player or team will win, just whether the result will be Over / Under the bookmaker’s prediction.

Live Odds

In traditional sports, bettors have to deal with the fact that Live bets for a particular sport or event are not available because the games are not broadcasted. The E-sport itself takes place online, so you always have Live bets available.

In addition, each match lasts an average of 30-40 minutes and the betting takes place immediately. For example, the first one killed, the winner of the first round, which means that within 10-15 minutes your bet will end and you will be able to make new bets.

Live bets during games are accepted not only for the winner of a particular match but also for various elements of the particular game. It is these individual types of E-sport bets that provide the greatest engagement and presence during the game.

Exact Result (Outcome)

E-sport bets with a fairly high coefficient. In this case, everything is simple, you predict the exact result of the game, for example, 2: 0 or 1: 3.

Special E-sport Bets

As E-sports offers games that are not found in traditional sports, there are some bets that only apply to this category and this type of game. Special bets are for events that take place during the game but do not always affect the final result. Just note that special bets do not apply to everyone and are only available for certain E-sports games.

Such sports bets in E-sport could be, for example, whoever kills the dragon first, the team that bleeds first, the team that conquers the first tower, the most valuable player, or a grenade explodes in the game, and so on.


E-sports is already one of the TOP niches in sports betting in Latvia and is highly valued. Electronic sports or cyber sports are a form of competition in which people compete by playing video games. E-sports include various leagues, tournaments, and championships where players belong to different teams or other “sports organizations”. The prize pool for e-sport championships is increasingly growing with a chance to win huge sums of money.

Similar to classic sports, sports betting in E-sport can be made on the result of games, over / under, handicap, as well as live bets. Unlike other sports, there are also special bets that are not available in any other sports event. If E-sports were once rare in casinos, now it has become a kind of trend, and more and more players all over Latvia are choosing them. The International Olympic Committee has also acknowledged the growing popularity of e-sports, assuming that they could be included in the Olympics in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Esports game is better to bet on?

It depends on how much you know about Esports. If you already know something about this type of sport, then you are definitely familiar with at least one of the most popular Esports games. The best approach is always to bet on whichever game you know the most about. This will give more opportunities to make more correct decisions and, therefore, improve the chances of earning. However, if you are new to Esports, then it is recommended that you first focus on the most popular games such as Dota 2, Starcraft, Counter Strike, etc.

What bets should not be placed in Esports bookmaker?

Bets that are not recommended to place in Esports are combined bets. If, for example, in football it is a very popular bet, it is different in Esports. Here, the game is usually very fast and unpredictable, so it is very difficult, sometimes impossible, to make combo bets.

Are there any bonuses when placing Esports bets?

Of course. Every bookmaker that offers sports betting in Esports also offers some bonuses. These can be, for example, risk-free bets, introduction bonus and other bonuses. Keep an eye out for special offers from each bookmaker site.

What are streamers?

Strīmeri ir cilvēki, kuri spēlē spēles un tās translē dažādās platformās, piemēram, Twitch. Viņi nepiedalās sacensībās, bet strīmo spēles un izklaidē savus fanus. Jo lielāka auditorija, jo lielākas summas strīmeri saņem no sponsoriem.

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