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Hockey Betting

Hockey is very popular in Latvia and sports bookmakers also have many options to make bets on - NHL, KHL, Play-Off, European Hockey League and Champions League, and of course the World Hockey Championship in the spring. Read on and learn useful information about sports betting on hockey, as well as discover the best sportsbooks evaluated by experts.

  • Greater chance of a comeback
  • Many more consecutive games
  • Bookmakers often cooperate with leading leagues
  • Fewer live streams available

Best Bookmakers Where To Bet On Hockey

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Best Hockey Sportsbooks by Category

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What Types of Bets Do Online Sportsbooks Offer for Hockey Matches?

Type of betExplanation
📌 Winning betPrediction of the team that will win the game regardless of the victory in regular time or overtime.
📌 Regular time winnerPrediction for the team that will win in regular time.
📌 Exact resultPrediction of the exact number of goals scored and conceded in the game and its outcome.
📌 Over/UnderPrediction on whether the game will end above or below the goal line set by the bookmaker.
📌 Double chanceA bet on two possible game outcomes.
📌 HandicapThe advantage given by the bookmaker to the weaker team.
📌 Odd/EvenBet on whether the number of goals at the end of the game will be even or odd.
📌 Live betsPlacement of bets during the live game.

The Winner’s Bet

The simplest hockey bet, as it is based on the actual winner of the game, regardless of whether that victory is earned in regular time or overtime. You simply bet on the team that you think will leave the ice with a win.

According to hockey statistics, teams playing at home win 45% of the time, and away – 42%. In the remaining 13%, the winners are determined in overtime and post-match shootouts. If you are in doubt, it is better to bet on the favorite. According to statistics, 70% of games are won by the strongest team.

Regular Time Winner

Quite a popular way of betting on hockey. When placing a bet, you must predict the winner of the game, but with the condition that the victory is achieved in 60 minutes of regular time. If the score is tied in regular time, the winner of the game is determined in over time. But even if the team you originally picked to win in regular time wins in overtime, you’ve still lost the bet.

Game Result

This hockey bet has low odds, but it is also less risky. You must make a prediction for the winner of the entire game, including any overtime or post-game shots. This also means that if there is a tie in regular time, the bet is active until the winner is determined.

Accurate Result

Bets are accepted on what result the match will end with, for example – 1:1, 3:0, 1:2. Predicting the exact outcome of a hockey game is very difficult because there are many variables. Knowing the complexity of this bet, bookmakers usually offer high odds.

Number of Goals Scored

The bet is accepted on how many goals will be scored during the hockey game. It usually averages 5.5. There are also individual totals (the number of goals scored for the first or second team), where the odds usually hover around 3.0.


This hockey bet allows you to predict the total number of goals scored by both teams and whether it will be more or less than the number set by the bookmaker. Most often, the totalizator determines the number 5.5, which is the basis for the prediction expressed by bettors. This is a safe and good way to predict the result without worrying about which team will win.

Double Chance

A hockey bet on two possible game results at the same time. Traditionally, there are three options:

1X1st team win or draw;
X22nd team win or draw;
121st or 2nd team win.


What is a handicap in hockey betting? The handicap allows you to even out the differences between the favorites and the weaker players. Hockey bets are placed not on a clear win, but on a win with a certain goal difference by which the team must win/or not lose for the bet to succeed.

The average handicap in hockey is -1.5. This means that a clear favorite is given a handicap of -1.5, while the opponent’s handicap is +1.5. For the hockey bet to be successful, the team with a handicap +1.5 must not lose by more than 2 goals, but the favorite must win by at least 2 goals.

Whether the bet is won is determined by adding or subtracting the given handicap to the end of the game hockey score. To make it easier to understand, let’s look at some more examples.

For example: Canada (-7) – Sweden (+7)

The result is 100 : 95A winning bet on Sweden, because adding a handicap of 7 to Sweden, the final result is 100 : 102;
Score 100 : 93The bet is paid at odds of 1.00 (returned) because, adding a handicap of 7 to Sweden, the final score is a draw 100:100;
Score 100 : 84Winning bet on Canada because adding a handicap of 7 to Sweden makes the final score 100 : 91.


Hockey bets on whether the total number of goals scored in a hockey game will be an even or odd number. 0 is considered an even number. For example, if the match ends with a score of 5-1, then the total number of goals scored is 6 and the bet on “Even” wins.

Do Online Sportsbooks Offer Hockey Live Betting?

In this case, bets on hockey can be made while watching hockey live. Most online bookmakers have quite a wide selection of live hockey bets and the list of available events is impressive as the odds change almost every minute. The most popular bets are on the next goal, especially when there is a big difference in teams.

How to Bet on Ice Hockey?

Hockey betting has become a popular way for fans to increase their enjoyment of the game and potentially make some extra money. Online sports betting sites provide a wide range of wagering opportunities during the hockey season, such as point spread, money line, parlay and match bet. Although gambling can be a lot of fun, it is important to remember that following proper research and having a knowledge of the game are key components for becoming successful. With smart betting methods combined with an understanding of hockey’s high-scoring nature, anyone is able to turn their passion into something potentially financially rewarding. A little luck never hurts either - so why not give it a try? It could just lead to your big win!

Step 1

Understanding the hockey betting lines.

Making a successful bet on a hockey game can be lucrative, but it is important to have an understanding of the different types of bets available. Moneyline bets are the most common, as they involve betting on which team will come out victorious. Puck line bets are also popular, and are slightly more complex in that they require bettors to predict both the result of the match and its margin. For those looking for even more excitement, there are numerous prize bets exist too, with these offering victories if specific in-game events happen.

Step 2

Find a licensed hockey sportsbook.

In order to make sure you get the best possible outcome from your betting activities, it is important to find a reliable operator such as an online sportsbook. Researching potential sites can reveal which ones offer competitive odds and have an impressive reputation.

Step 3

Understanding the betting odds.

Fortunately, understanding the odds of a particular event is not as intimidating as it seems. Although they may be expressed using fractional or decimal numbers, odds indicate the probability of an event occurring in favor of one side or another.

Step 4

Make your bet.

Once you understand what these betting odds mean, you can place your bet knowing the relative likelihood of a favorable outcome. To make your wager, you must specify the amount to be wagered and choose which team to place your bet on. You can make this selection either pre match or while the competition is in progress regardless of whichever goes better with your specific strategy.

Step 5

Withdraw your winnings.

Winning payouts from Latvia's sportsbooks are both convenient and reliable. With a number of popular payment methods available, such as bank transfers and digital wallets, collecting your winnings is fast and secure. If your bet was successful, all you have to do is fill out the withdrawal form provided by the sportsbook and get the funds quickly - allowing you to enjoy your success without delay.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Live Hockey Betting

By being better informed and evaluating betting options, enthusiasts can increase their chances of winning. However, there are certain risks associated with betting on hockey that must be taken into account. As with any other form of gambling, there is no guarantee that luck will be on your side, and it is important to understand both - the potential benefits and drawbacks.

✅ Advantages
Greater chance of a comebackBetting on hockey is very profitable and offers many advantages, one of which is the high number of replays in this sport. This adds an element of intrigue to each game, as it's never clear who will take over; a team can lose by a few goals but end up with a miraculous victory.
Many more consecutive gamesOne of the biggest advantages is that there are usually more consecutive games than other sports. This allows you to maintain a steady flow of bets and ensures that the game never stops.
Bookmakers often cooperate with leading leaguesBookmakers often partner with hockey leagues and clubs, a trend that benefits those who like to bet on the sport. This collaboration has revolutionized the industry by providing greater access to trusted content and the latest data when placing bets. In addition, customers receive exclusive offers from both the bookmaker and the hockey team or league.
Variety of betsWhether you prefer traditional match-winner or handicap bets, or more sophisticated options such as over/under and prop bets, hockey betting offers plenty of options for everyone.
❌ Disadvantages
Fewer live streams availableBetting on hockey should not be taken lightly. One of the disadvantages is the smaller offer of live games (except NHL and WC) compared to other sports such as football or tennis. This means that information about teams and competitions may be more difficult to access. This lack of access, in turn, makes it difficult to make accurate predictions when placing bets, increasing the risk of losing money.
Greater chance of a comeback
Many more consecutive games
Bookmakers often cooperate with leading leagues
Fewer live streams available


Regardless of whether you are new to betting or experienced better, betting on hockey will be exciting and full of excitement. Competitive teams and unpredictable games make hockey bets very attractive and popular among sports bookmakers. Latvian sports fans are often called the best hockey fans in the world. And just like the number of fans, the sports betting on hockey and popularity in the bookmaker is also huge.

In order to be successful and earn something when placing bets, you should study the results of hockey games, and statistics, know the hockey leagues and superleagues, follow the world hockey championship and the biggest hockey tournaments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Asian Handicap?

The Asian Handicap also allows for 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 goal handicaps, as a result of which you have the opportunity to win or lose half of your bet. It also predicts quartiles such as above 2.25, +1.75, -0.25, etc. Asian Total and Asian Handicap mean that your bet is divided into two equal parts and the bet is made on two values ​​between which the number offered by Asia is.

If a ½ handicap is used, a tie is not possible (half a goal cannot be scored, so the Asian handicap does not allow a tie). For example, in a ¼ handicap game, a bet of €10 is placed on the winner and the game ends in a 1:1 draw. Half of the bet (€5) has a handicap of “0” and in this case, it is returned back. The other half would be lost because the underdog had a handicap of ¼, so he wins in the event of a tie and the bet is lost.

Why is it profitable to bet on hockey?

First, for the big championships: the NHL and KHL hockey schedule is full of games every week, so there is always something to bet on. Secondly, hockey is very productive. Five goals in a football game is very rare, but in hockey, it is the average. This means that betting on the number of goals scored is much more interesting in hockey.

Who are the strongest hockey teams to bet on?

It’s still worth researching all the teams, but if you want to use simpler bets on the winning team, here are the statistics:
NHL: The Montreal Canadiens are the most successful NHL team with 24 Stanley Cup titles. Next is the Toronto Maple Leafs with 13 titles (but Toronto hasn’t won a championship since 1967) and the Detroit Red Wings with 10 titles.
KHL: CSKA Moscow, Ak Bars Kazan, SKA St. Petersburg, Metallurg Magnitogorsk, Dynamo Moscow, etc.

The most successful teams in the world: Canada, Russia, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Finland, USA.

When should you place hockey Live bets?

Live bets are accepted from the start of the relevant event until a certain time. All bets made up to a certain time are considered valid at the odds chosen by the participant at the time of placing the bets.

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